Beyond Weight

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”

– Confucious

Beyond Weight is a customized and comprehensive program based on the latest research and advances in weight loss and nutrition. Take your first steps toward losing weight, looking your best, and feeling healthy and confident for the rest of your life.

“Take personal responsibility for your own health. You owe it to yourself. This is your contract with life.

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We know our patients

I am sure you have experienced this before: You’ve scheduled an appointment with your doctor. You wait for an hour only to be seen for 15 minutes. They write a prescription or a refill and move on to the next patient.


Instead of seeing patients for 15 min and writing a prescription, Marina and her team want to take time to actually talk to them.

“I want to talk to patients. To hear their stories and struggles and connect with them about something I am very passionate about – disease prevention, healthy diet, sleep, and stress reduction.

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What to Expect

Marina and her team know that you are constantly bombarded with advertisements about the best diet, the best supplement – to “eat this, not that”. No one that starts a diet with the intention of regaining the weight they lose. Unfortunately, roughly 90 percent of people who lose a lot of weight eventually regain it. 


Our team has been studying why this happens to help you succeed at weight loss long term. There are many ways to lose weight, but not all are good for you or contribute to your long-term health. 

There is no pill, shake, supplement, food delivery service, diet or medical treatment that can help you tackle your emotional triggers and relationship with food.

Even the best athletes with the best abilities have coached that help them to achieve Olympic results. Losing weight and embarking on your health journey can be hard, emotional, overwhelming. Marina and her team help you through your journey with an evidence-based and compassionate approach. Marina and her team helps you face the issues that caused you to gain weight in the first place so that you don’t regain your weight.

What to Expect

When you come to Marina, our team creates an individual weight loss and lifestyle program tailored specifically to you. We work together to create a way of eating that is nutritious, allowing you to lose weight by tackling cravings and creating healthy habits. Maximize your health, improve your cholesterol and blood pressure, and lower your diabetes and cancer risk. Don’t wait until you are presented with a major medical event to change your relationship with food – prevent illness and increase your lifespan today.

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Our approach


We start with a blood test and look at laboratory results – inflammation levels, insulin resistance, cholesterol, thyroid, and more


We take into consideration your medical history, family history and current medications


We look at your appetite, your busy schedule and stress, plus any environmental factors on your diet


We do a grocery store walk-through and pantry purge – looking at labels and learning about what it means


We make ourselves available via text or email if you ever have any questions about restaurant menu or grocery store choices on an ongoing basis


We conduct regular check-ins where we track progress and recommend any changes

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